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Take your infant feeding and tongue-tie knowledge to the next level...


Our milk supply trilogy is a series of masterclasses but with stand-alone content.  

Each of the three pillars is inspired by the work I do as an IBCLC and the clients that I see in my Infant Feeding clinics, who are being let down by the health care professionals that have provided their perinatal lactation care.

Live masterclass taking place on Thursday 16th November @ 7pm (GMT).

This ground-breaking masterclass is hosted by Dee Bell, RM IBCLC and Specialist Tongue-tie Practitioner, and Dr Sharon Silberstein aka ‘The Breastfeeding Doctor’

Have you ever wondered how to support clients with breast/chestfeeding their infants when the nursing parent is not necessarily the birthing parent?

This advanced skills workshop is ideal for Infant feeding practitioners with an interest in induced lactation.

Find out what your clients need to know before they begin and where to get the support they may need on their Infant Feeding Journey.

Instant Access to the Masterclass Recording.

Dee Bell, RM. IBCLC & Specialist Tongue-tie Practitioner, and Dr. Sharon Silberstein aka ‘The Breastfeeding Doctor’ will be exploring the etiology of Low milk supply.
Many new parents don’t get off to a good start with breastfeeding.  Perhaps they were separated from their infant due to complications or ill health.  Perhaps the baby was sleepy and reluctant to feed, or perhaps they were given little/the wrong advice about building milk supply.  Or,  perhaps there are genuine medical conditions causing milk production to be low.
This advanced Masterclass explores the physiological reasons for low milk supply, how to recognise the red flags, and what can be done to increase production both naturally and with the support of medications.

Instant Access to the Masterclass Recording.

During this Masterclass you will learn:

  • The most common primary and secondary causes for slow weight gain and low milk supply.
  • Feeding plans and working with parents to increase milk supply
  • Alternative feeding methods to ensure baby’s optimal growth (including using an SNS)

Together with this masterclass, you will receive resources and downloadable materials for your clients.


Instant access to Masterclass recording.

During this Masterclass we will cover:

  • Understanding the Terminology: gain a better understanding of the terminology used and why the effect of tongue-tie diagnosis and misdiagnosis impact infant feeding outcomes
  • What is a tongue-tie? The anatomy of the frenulum: learn what a tongue-tie actually is and what is means for an infant to be ‘tongue-tied’ and why using the correct language is so crucial for the whole family’s wellbeing
  • How and who to refer your clients to: feel more confident explaining to parents what they can do if they (or you) suspect their baby may be tongue-tie

Together with this Masterclass you will receive: A PDF workbook.

What former participants say about our Masterclasses...


Frequently asked questions about our Masterclasses:

In short, yes you can claim these hours as individual CERPS.

We have been in touch with the IBCLE board about this and their response was as follows

‘As an IBCLC, you may offer education that counts toward the 95 hours of specific education in lactation and breastfeeding if it is official education that covers the lactation-specific topics in the IBCLC Detailed Content Outline.

You need to have a programme and official confirmation of attendance.

IBCLCs may count these hours as individual CERPs for their recertification and must determine the category and number of CERPs according to the continuing education programme.

You can count the education given as Individual CERPs.  1 hour presentation = 2 CERPs.’

Our Masterclasses are delivered live over zoom.  A replay is made available in our IFA Hub within 5 working days.

Laptop or tablet, printer, pens and notebooks, internet access/WiFi and a zoom account.

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