Understanding Tongue-tie:


Understanding Tongue-tie:


Our Tongue-tie courses are taught by Dee Bell RM. IBCLC and Specialist Tongue-tie Practitioner

All too commonly, new parents receive conflicting advice around whether or not their baby has a tongue-tie.


The current rates of parents being informed their baby is tongue-tied when in fact they are not is very high.  Many of these mother and baby dyads would benefit from more highly skilled feeding support to assist them with the issues they are experiencing, rather than their baby undergoing unnecessary surgery, albeit minor.


Conversely, many parents are told that their baby is NOT tongue-tied when in fact they are! Confusing, isn’t it? This is because the person looking at the baby is not experienced enough and/or lacks the relevant training in both infant feeding and tongue-tie to be making this judgment.


As a registered midwife and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), Dee has supported thousands of families to birth and feed their babies and mentored numerous students to support families to do the same. 

Dee Bell RM. IBCLC and Specialist Tongue-tie Practitioner

Understanding Tongue-tie: The Complexities of Definition and Diagnosis is suitable for...

Paediatric Osteopath Silva Schuldt Training at the Tunbridge Wells Tongue-tie Clinic

Mentoring with Dee

Dee runs Feeding and  Tongue-tie clinics in both Tunbridge Wells and Brighton.  Alongside her clinics, she provides innovative and exciting evidence-based and truly baby and family-friendly training for other Perinatal Professionals. 


‘I have been a Teacher and Facilitator for many years and I feel passionate about training Birth workers and those in a position to positively influence Birth and Infant Feeding outcomes for the families that they serve.’


I have designed the Tongue-tie assessor course to fully equip appropriately trained professionals to carry out a holistic functional assessment of the baby’s tongue function and the potential impact on feeding.  But more importantly, know how to provide or signpost to the essential feeding support and information that the families need.  

'The course is full of information that I have been able to take, week on week, straight into my clinic and use. Its really well presented, interesting and transferable into a clinic setting from the outset. I can't recommend it enough and has been a huge benefit to my Osteopathic practice and my patients are loving this new knowledge.'

~ Kate Finberg, Paediatric Osteopath and Infant Feeding Coach, Training Tongue-tie Assessor

Training to become a Tongue-tie Assessor is for you if ...

Dee & Trainee Infant Feeding Coach Assessing for Tongue-tie

Supporting Families with
Infant Tongue-tie
Investment only £497

Fully Accredited
Tongue-tie Assessor Award
Investment only £1250

'I am currently doing Dee's course and thoroughly enjoying it! It is full of information and caters to a variety of learning styles making this course accessible to all! My confidence is growing with every module! I highly recommend this course!'

~ Lea Mara, Postnatal Doula & Infant Feeding Coach

Course Content:

Over the duration of this 8 week programme you will cover: understanding terminology, anatomy of the frenulum, lip-tie, types of tongue-tie and classification, the assessment process, differential diagnosis, tongue-tie and infant feeding issues, the release procedure, aftercare, reattachment and re-release and examining the current research.

Live Group Sessions:

*Live sessions over Zoom

One to One Mentoring Day/Practical Assessments*:

*Accredited Assessor Award Only

Consolidate your learning with this practical one-to-one mentoring day at the Tunbridge Wells Infant Feeding and Tongue-tie clinic. With an opportunity to practice your assessment and planning skills with ongoing opportunities for client follow-up and evaluation.

Case Studies:

*Accredited Assessor Award Only

Two in-depth studies of parent and infant dyads, identifying the key concerns and issues, analysing possible solutions, assessing physiology and psychology of infant feeding.  Research and group discussion, followed by a summary of recommendations and implementation of support. 

The Tongue-tie Assessor Program is only suitable for trained Professionals and Accredited Infant Feeding Supporters

'Amazing clinic observation day with Dee.
Perfect view of a severely restrictive tongue tie before and after a frenulotomy. And lots of knowledge on positioning and breastfeeding.'
~ Emily Dawson, Paediatric Osteopath

Our Understanding Tongue-tie Program is an online course which consists of a mixture of live and self directed learning elements:

*10 weeks including an additional 2 weeks self-study and submission of coursework

**Fully Accredited Programme only.

Not ready to take the fully accredited assessor programme yet? You can get started for as little as £497 and take the assessor award at a later date.

* Get started by watching the online learning materials in your own time. 
* This online version will deepen your knowledge and understanding of how a tongue-tie is assessed but will not allow you to provide a tongue-tie service. 

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